From the luxury binding to the Deluxe Edition

We create several editions that are more than just books, they become investments, art pieces, sometimes cult objects too. To create extraordinary solutions the usual way of work it’s not enough: we use our “know how” and all the technological and industrial means needed.


The quality control is our main objective

The control of the product’s quality is crucial for the final result. For this reason, we are helped by qualified technicians that have years of past experiences and a real disposition to perfection.


Last generation machinery for an old style care

In the last ten years, technology has made a step forward in every field, our included. Nowadays a machine is able to do the format change in 15 minutes instead of the 2 hours used in the past years. The technologies used to find and correct a mistake during the gathering and sewing phases are very efficient. There are cameras able to notice even the smallest flaw of color or script so that the operator can remove one single wrong copy of thousands.


Productive capacity for every need

Our new building, built in 2009, covers an area of 12.000 m² and 7.500 of them are inside.
We are equipped with the most modern technologies:
3 linear cutting machines with light 185-155-135
10 MBO – STAHL folding machines, with sizes from 50×70 to 140×162
2 Meccanotecnica sewing lines
2 Smyth sewing machines for oversized books
1 Book Production line Kolbus BF 60
1 Perfect Binding line Kolbus KM 473
1 Smyth book gluing line combined with a lining machine for oversized books
1 Casemaker Kolbus DA 270
2 Embossing press Kolbus PE 70
1 Embossing press Sarolia